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Grooved End Butterfly Valves

1. Brief Introduction
Grooved butterfly valve, casting iron Grooved butterfly valve UL certificate from ISO factory  is my company under current domestic FGD system design products. 
To meet the limestone and gypsum slurry grout corrosion, and the calve stem plate using a special corrosion-resistant alloys, high-valve seat wear rubber meet the large number of suspended particles in the liquid on the valve seat erosion. Therefore products with high wear-resistance and anti-corrosion of high. The product is designed to address user requirements, targeted and high reliability. Suitable Mediums: Lime cream, sulfur dioxide, lime slurry paste, process water and other corrosive media.
Product Advantages
1.Light in weight, easy installation. The pipe and valve can be clamped directly, suitable for frequent dismantling.
2.Maximized effective diameter.
3.Rubber vulcanized body avoiding the seat displacement.
4.Complete spherical sealing.
5.All parts can be disassembled and assembled, easily and quick maintenance.
6.Operator option is handle, manual gear or electric signal gear.
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