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 Shanghai Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the production of valve valve business, my company's existing staff of 378 people, all types of professional and technical personnel 82 people, including nine senior engineers. Built a valve design center and processing center and various types of valve testing equipment, with the design, manufacture various types of valves.
The main products of the company's high school and low pressure valve are: gate valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, ball valve, check valve, plunger valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, balance valve, slurry valve, discharge valve and hydraulic control valve series . Drives are manual, electric, pneumatic and other methods. Valve diameter from 6mm-4000mm, pressure rating from 0.1MPa-32MPa, American Standard API valve diameter from 1/4 "to 40" pressure rating from 150LB to 2500LB. Valve working temperature -700C ≤ 5400C. Valve body material is copper, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel. Suitable medium for oil, water, steam, natural gas. Products are widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, steel, power plants, oil, city gas, construction, paper making, fire and other industries. Valve diameter from 0.8 ~ 1200mm, the valve leakage rate from 6.7 × 10-2 ~ 1.3 × 10-7 Pa.L / s, the applicable temperature range -30 ~ +4000 C, the pressure range of 1 × 105 ~ 1 × 10- 7 Pa, the products are widely used in aerospace, electronics, machinery, medicine, refrigeration, energy, environmental protection, food, scientific research and other fields.
Shanghai Jiangnan valve has always pay close attention to product quality improvement, from raw materials to finished products in the process of processing and tracking of each component to monitor and control of each manufactured products for water, gas seal pressure test. Product performance is stable, reliable quality, has repeatedly won the national new product Golden Dragon Award and Ministry, Municipal Science and Technology Development Award for new products and other products.
My company has always been "quality first, users first" as its purpose, and constantly improve service standards, and based on customer needs to develop new products. Product quality, prompt delivery, courteous service, fully meet the needs of users, is the image of Jiangnan valve. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to my company business negotiations, and seek win-win way.
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