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Shenzhen Polaris Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Pourwater Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is the holding company of the Super Water Enterprise Group.
The polar water group takes "water" as the main business field, stands on the water-saving and energy-saving level, and is engaged in the technical development, equipment production and professional engineering design consultancy and system for water landscape, water recreation, water treatment, Integrated construction business.
Main business is: 1, swimming pool, spa, water park; 2 music fountain, water show, water landscape; 3 artificial lake, ecological landscape water body water treatment; 4 rainwater, water recycling; . Development and system application of plumbing energy-saving equipment; 6. Development and application of water equipment, lighting equipment and automatic control system
In the "comprehensive + professional" group development strategy, the polar water group business covers technology research and development - product sales - engineering design - engineering construction - system operation and maintenance services and other aspects, formed a "special water professional "System-wide business chain. The polar water group in the major cities in various regions of the country with wholly-owned branch offices, all branches in the business closely integrated and mutually supportive, give full play to the unique technical integration and geographical advantages, dedicated to providing customers with "one-stop" "Comprehensive + professional" service.
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