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Electric ball valve lax closed approach

Electric ball valve structure is simple, only a few parts, data consumption; Small size, light weight, small installation size Electric ball valve structure, the driving torque is small, pressure regulating valve, easy to operate, agile, just rotate 90 ° You can quickly open and close; and at the same time also has a good flow control and sealing characteristics of closure, in large and medium caliber, low pressure applications, electric ball valve is the dominant valve situation.
Electric ball valve is an important industrial automation and control system executive body. Electric ball valve is based on the valve flap in this form of movement around the stem axis of rotation for the valve. So electric ball valve is not strict how to do?
Electric ball valve is not strict processing methods:
1, there are impurities stuck electric valve sealing surface
Electric valve sometimes closed lax, may be electric valve sealing surface between the impurities stuck, this time forced to close, the electric valve should be slightly larger, and then try to shut down, try again and again, generally can be ruled out , Otherwise it should be checked, should keep the quality of the media clean.
2, rusty stem thread
For normally open electric valve, occasionally closed, because the stem thread has been rusty, there will be closed lax situation. In this case, you can repeatedly switch the electric valve several times, while hitting the bottom of the valve with a small hammer, that is, the electric valve can be closed, without the need for electric valve grinding repair.
3, electric valve sealing surface is destroyed
For many times trying to switch is still not tight situation, that is, the sealing surface has been damaged, should be repaired; or corrosion, media, such as particle scratches damaged the sealing surface, should also be reported repair.
4, valve stem and the valve is not good
Often to the stem and stem nut plus lubricating oil to ensure that the electric valve switch flexible, there must be a formal maintenance program.
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