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China's valve industry after decades of development

After decades of development, China's valve industry has developed thousands of valve manufacturers. Although a large number, most of them are small-scale enterprises. Many enterprises in the industry have problems of double investment and lack of technological innovation. Many township and village enterprises have developed rapidly, but their technological starting points are low and they are in the primary stage of imitating production. Their production mainly consists of low-tech and low-quality mass-production products, and their core competitiveness is poor.
Except for some foreign-funded enterprises and a few domestic leading enterprises, most of the domestic valve enterprises still have serious homogeneity of their products, which are mainly oriented towards the low-end domestic market and are mainly based on low-price competition. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have not conducted research and development To give sufficient attention to the product is not innovative, in a slow market environment plunged into a vicious circle.
This also led some companies have sought cottage, as well as the use of inferior products to survive. "Valve parts are more counterfeit products, Danfoss, Emerson refrigeration control valve parts in China's visibility and market share are high, criminals saw a business opportunity." In addition, due to the relative lagging behind the product standards, the market In a few years ago it was in chaos. At present, this situation is being improved.
Innovative shortcomings are the fatal flaws of many SMEs. In recent years, unfavorable factors such as labor shortage and rising labor costs have also brought inconvenience to the integration of enterprises' production organization and supply chain resources. In addition, with the continuous improvement of customer requirements for quality, management costs and testing costs continue to rise; some enterprises lack of research and development potential for new products, the industry lacks the guidance of cutting-edge technologies and basically relies on enterprises themselves feeling the stones across the river.
However, some existing technological innovations are under-developed and the homogenization in the industry is becoming more and more serious. This reflects to some extent that there is still a certain gap between international enterprises in terms of the reserve of specialized personnel and the ability of scientific research and innovation in domestic enterprises. But also to the rapid development of enterprises has brought a "lack of motivation" hidden danger.
At the same time, Danfoss attaches great importance to product quality and standards. At the same time, Danfoss believes that product standards as an industry technical standard have the important role of indicating the direction for the industry and guiding and promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry. As a key component of the refrigeration system, valves and other industrial products, like the need to have a professional, comprehensive product standards. Complete product standards also help valve manufacturers join forces to purify the market, to crack down on fake and shoddy products.
Sanhua said that the quality of the domestic valve market varies greatly, Sanhua has been set to guide the entire market toward high-quality valve parts and the overall solution. At the same time three flowers and domestic institutions and learn to work closely with three spent in valve parts development and production experience, the establishment of a new valve standard.
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