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Valve and the Internet will be the future trend of integrati

With the advent of the Internet of Things and the era of big data, traditional manufacturing smart hardware has brought about huge entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the person in charge of Xiaomi has said at the China Mobile's Internet conference that it is optimistic about the mobile Internet and intelligent. Optimistic about the capital is bound to further promote the development of intelligent valve industry, helping the entire valve industry to complete the transition from a beginner to a mature.
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Although smart hardware products are repeatedly warmed by the industry, but the user does not use too much increase, on the one hand its price is expensive, difficult to maintain; on the one hand, the security is still relatively uncertain. To some extent, this has a great impact on the development of intelligent valves, to attract more investment is not easy.
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In the era of mobile Internet, intelligent valve should be built on the basis of big data, "software + hardware", mobile Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing. The core of intelligence is "smart", with a focus on software. From the intelligent development of the valve point of view, the integration of hardware and software is the development trend, the hardware will be more and more like a "container", the user to buy intelligent products in the purchase of applications and services. Regardless of the platform strategy or vertical field layout, intelligent output is just an appearance. It is the giants' competition focus to gain entrance and user traffic by setting up user stickiness within a short time behind the content output.
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In the face of the rise of intelligent and good, numerous valve entrepreneurs went one after another to join the mobile Internet and intelligent entrepreneurship. However, due to the poor understanding of products and supply chains, and the lack of risk assessment, the tragedy that ultimately leads to unproductive products has been made. In the field of intelligent entrepreneurship, there are two kinds of valve entrepreneurs to dominate, one is in the field of traditional valve production, one is pure Internet and software development. Both have their own pros and cons. The former is good at the core links such as production, ingredients, supply chain, inventory and channel, but it is shorter than Internet marketing, fan management and interaction, which is the formality of the latter. Internet practitioners are very much in favor of accepting new ideas and new technologies Faster. At the same time in the new high-tech areas such as cloud computing is also more advantages than the traditional industries.
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The biggest advantage of Internet entrepreneurs lies in being closer to users and easier to understand and cater to users' ideas and preferences. Thereby taking advantage of the flattening and connectivity of the Internet to create more new and efficient ways. But the supply chain and inventory are the two most deadly problems of the latter. The two learn from each other, mutual cooperation and further accelerate the integration will be the future trend.
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