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Long rod diffusion type welding ball valve

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Product Description
Product introduction
Fully welded ball valve material:
1): Body: carbon steel A106-B, ST37.0; 20 steel
2): Ball: stainless steel 304 or 316
3): stem: 2Cr13
Stem seal: 4.
5): ball seal: RTFE (PTFEC)
Standard features of worm welded ball valves:
1): DN15-1000
2): pressure: 16-40 PN
3): working temperature: -29 degrees C 200?
4: worm welding ball valve to adapt to medium: Oil / gas, liquefied natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemical, steel plant, heating pipes, etc.
(5): worm welding ball valve operation mode: handle, gear (vertical / horizontal), electric, worm gear
6: worm welding ball valve connection: Welding

Company Overview
Shang hai Jiangnan Valve Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 1985. The main products range are as following: Fully Welded Ball Valve,1PC/2PC/3PC Flanged Ball Valve, Threaded Ball Valve, Mini Ball Valve, High Pressure Ball Valve, Pneumatic Ball Valve, Electric Ball Valve, Sanitary ball valve, Ball valve with mounting pad and other valves like gate, globe, check valves and Strainer, etc. Main material include: Stainless steel, Cast Steel, Forged Steel and Brass, etc. The products manufactured as per API, ANSI, JIS, ISO, BS, JB and GB, and have CAD valve design and quality testing center. The products are widely used in chemical industry, oil, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, food, pharmacy, civil industry, fiber industry, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, steel mills, heating pipes, etc. Our company passed the ISO 9001:2008, Standards Organization of Nigeria(SON), International Quality Award Certificate, Manufacture License of Special Equipment, KC of South Korea,CE of Europe, etc.

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